The extraordinary freshness of our pants is perfect for a coastal, breezy look. Some are made from pure linen, embodying endless elegance.


At Agua we recognize the significance of discovering the perfect pair of pants that allow to create a stunning ensemble. That’s why we have meticulously curated a collection, featuring exquisite designs, the most elegant cuts and premium fabrics.

Our pants display special attention to detail, with concealed zippers and hooks seamlessly integrated into the waistband, ensuring a flawless and continuous aesthetic that harmonizes with our unique prints.

Luxury pants

Carefully crafted from breathable, lightweight, and delicate materials such as linen and cotton, our pants are a testament to uncompromising quality, designed to elevate your style and provide an effortlessly sleek look.

Unprecedented designs and captivating prints, renewing luxury pants by revitalizing classic silhouettes such as wide legged and high-rise styles, reinforced with delicate pleatings, chic ties and dainty scalloped hems. Each garment in our collection showcases an unwavering commitment to intricate craftsmanship.

These distinctive touches discreetly elevate your ensemble with an original charm that complements the graceful cuts of our pants.

Indulge yourself in the artistry of our exclusive pants collection that honors the beauty of Latin America. Embrace the elegance, sophistication, and allure that only Agua's pants can provide, as they become an essential element of your personal flair, reflecting your individuality and impeccable taste.