Our skirts are for everyone. Designs include miniskirts in floral prints, bold printed midi skirts, and maxi skirts in linen. Wear them with our matching tops.


Skirts are a timeless garment that exudes femininity and elegance. These versatile pieces can elevate any look and make a statement with their flow and movement. Whether it is hand-embroidered by artisans o adorned with nature-inspired hand-illustrated prints, they evoke the ethereal beauty of nature.

Luxury skirts 

With their elegant fabrics and intricate designs, Agua by Agua Bendita’s new collection of luxury skirts for women offers an unparalleled fusion of sophistication and refinement. 

Maxi skirts 

Our Maxi skirts for women encapsulate an air of refined elegance, with their sweeping hemlines and flowing drapes offering a sense of effortless grace and poise. These sophisticated garments give a captivating sense of sophistication upon those who embrace their ethereal beauty. 

Midi skirts

Midi skirts for women epitomize a harmonious blend of classic sophistication and contemporary charm. With their versatile length and impeccable tailoring, these refined garments effortlessly elevate any ensemble. With this in mind, Agua by Agua Bendita has created a collection of midi skirts that embrace the essence of refined femininity, and exude a captivating allure that resonates with the woman seeking a timeless piece. 

Mini skirts 

With their abbreviated length and flirtatious flair, mini skirts for women radiate a sophisticated ensemble. Some of our designs embrace the versatility of linen fabric, while others enchant with captivating floral prints, intertwining nature's beauty with chic fashion.