Hand Embroidered Pieces

Discover spectacular details every time you wear our hand embroidered pieces! Each garment serves as a canvas for the craftsmanship found in Latin America.

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Hand Embroidered Pieces

We want to preserve the tradition of local craftsmanship, and artisans have been vital in our brand's history. Hours of work have been dedicated by these women to make each piece into a unique art piece. We support Colombian local craftsmanship.

Embroidered Swimsuits

Ranging from classic to modern, a variety of silhouettes lets you discover the immensity of one of our top-selling categories.

Whether it's a one-piece bathing suit with delicate floral embroidery or a bikini set adorned with geometric shapes, these swimwear allow you to make a statement while enjoying the sun and water.

Embroidered Clothing

Intricate prints and delicate motifs are carefully stitched onto the fabric, adding sophistication. Whether it's a beautifully embroidered dress or a finely embellished blouse, each of our garments carries the mark of the artisans hand.

Our Agua by AB ready-to-wear and swimwear embody the stories, culture, and dedication of Colombian craftspeople.